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Don’t forget, because we buy cell phones and give you the option of trading up into a different cell phone or iPhone in the future, we’re happy to work with you to get you the right device at the right time – no matter when you decide to upgrade.

Selling your cell phone and putting those funds toward a newer one can be an excellent choice. It’s actually incredibly easy to sell your cell phone to a local electronics repair shop like Phone Medic. We will give you cash for old or broken cell phones for our customers, After it is sold, you can put the value of your cell phone towards a certified pre-owned cell phone that doesn’t require a contract and costs far less.

So put that old phone down and find out what it’s worth by giving us a call. It could be that you’ll find yourself putting that cash toward saving on a much better phone, saving a ton on your service plan without a contract, and enjoying the reliability of having a warrantied model at the best price possible!

Purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone is a much easier and less expensive way to get a phone upgrade.

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